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Truth be told, we are not good listeners. 

23 years old with an Engineering Degree and a high-paying job at a fortune 500 company. Sounds like a pretty nice life, right? To some this is the embodiment of the American dream, to others, it is the antithesis.  Gazing endlessly at the clock while numbers flash through my mind….8-hour workday, 1 hour of time spent traveling, 8 hours of sleep, so that leaves me with….well not enough time to do the things in life that make me happy. 

 So I quit my job, loaded up my car with all of the belongings that I…

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Live By Satellite Around The World 

The guys in the band and I have been reflecting a lot lately, and are completely humbled by how many new fans we have made in the past year since our first release. That fan base has even grown to include many people from around the world, which is mind blowing! We want to take a moment and express our gratitude to these new fans outside of America. American fans, don’t feel left out, you already know how much we love you! 

Since we started this band in 2012, we have always had a goal to gain a worldwide…

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Halen..... "Van" Halen 

We’ve all had that first vehicle that you nicknamed something dumb and served as a magic carpet for creating unforgettable memories with your friends. As an up and coming band touring the United States, our van has become just that, a magic carpet, a home away from home, another member of the band it seems like! This blog is a fun story about our time on the road living in our van. This is the story of Halen…. “Van” Halen!

Big Green
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Fall Tour Dates Announced 

Hope the summer is treating you well and you're doing things you may or may not regret when you're older! hah

After a crazy tour schedule this past spring, we decided to take the summer off and relax. We went to the beach, mountains, you name it. Now, we are ready to get back on the road and conquer the world.

Click on our tour schedule below for more details and information. This is just the first round to be announced. Be on the look out for more to come!


Live By Satellite

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The day has finally come! The countless hours, sleepless nights, and moving our entire band to Nashville, TN from Alabama has all added up to this. Today, our new EP is available and we couldn't be more excited to share our hard work with the world.

Download the entire EP for FREE right here on our website by clicking the "Download Album" button.

Also, stay tuned for our 2015 tour dates to be posted in the near future!

Thank you,
- Live By Satellite


Live By Satellite is mainstream Pop/Rock with a classic touch. Like a modern day take on Def Leppard meets Bon Jovi, with a healthy dose of Journey.



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